(Don’t) Tweet it, baby!

12.01 AM: Can’t sleep. I’m bored.

12.09 AM: #goodadvicein4words trending in Twitter.

12.11 AM: I tweet

And everything changed…

I’m on Twitter since 13th October 2013 and I was never crazy about it. I have had 35-40 odd followers and most of them were friends (I even forced some of them to follow me). The only time I tweeted was when I was bored and picked on someone for entertainment. But this day, my one tweet changed everything. The tweet was not just retweeted by the Hashtag game organiser but she also sent out a shout-out to her followers to welcome me in their community. At once my number of followers showed a steep rise, people were welcoming me with personal messages and I was quite overwhelmed.

Over a span of few days, my love for Twitter doubled just like my number of followers. I was eating, breathing, sleeping the Hashtag games on Twitter. I started keeping track of the trending hashtags, “Favorited” the top tweets in hope of increasing my profile visibility to get more followers, and quite often it worked. But my new found love for Twitter came with a cost. My sleeping pattern was affected, I started distancing myself from reality and delaying my actual work.

Although Twitter does sharpen your skill, to express yourself in less than 140 characters, know the daily activities of celebs who don’t know you exist and interact with people from different countries; but it is still a virtual world, far far away from reality. And one can’t live in the virtual world forever. The very appreciation and acceptance that pulls you towards it, is from people you won’t meet ever. It gives you a momentary happiness but when reality crashes on the floor, people of this virtual world won’t come and help you.

So STOP hiding behind your screens and do something more meaningful. Why not pick up a hobby and do something to develop your actual skills? There are tons of things out there- singing, dancing, travelling, reading, meeting new people, anyting you are passionate about.

And if you are still not convinced and choose to remain a Twitter addict, then follow me @ShaliniGupta_ and take part in a hashtag war with me. Surprised? But I never said I practice what I preach.


3 thoughts on “(Don’t) Tweet it, baby!

  1. DramaQueen_Shuchita says:

    Couldnt have agreed more to you!!! Its high time we get out of the virtual world which we frame as reality and move into the REAL world which is actually waiting for us with better challenges!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Alifiyah Haji says:

    Very well written!
    It is the bitter truth of life. We all are caged in the virtual world. And it’s something that if you ain’t the part of this world then you are outdated and DO NOT socialise. It’s more like showing how fancy your life is virtually which might not even be the truth!

    Liked by 1 person

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