Over a Cuppa

As I sit here with my fourth cup of tea and a pile of file on my workstation, I wonder is this what life is all about? Coming to work every day sharp at 9 am and leaving long after the sun has set. I can’t even remember the last time when I had my cup of cheers only to relish it and not to keep me awake.

Just when my brain thought now is a good time to switch on the philosophy mode, I notice that the boss has left her cabin. Screw presentation… Welcome Facebook! I scroll through my news feed and see a friend has just checked in at a local pub. I sometimes wonder what these people get by putting check-in statuses. I don’t want to know if you are shopping or eating or listening to music, or even that you got done from work super early and are enjoying happy hours in that goddamn pub.

I take a sip and try to calm myself down and look at my colleague from the other team getting scolded by his boss. We have an eye contact for few seconds and I give him a sympathetic smile. I know if Horrible Bosses 3 was to be made, then he would be the man for the script.

The boss is back in her cabin and I quickly shut Facebook and start working on my presentation. I see her pacing up and down. Did the super boss scold her? Does that mean more work for me?

Oh no! I can’t handle the tension. I better go and get another cup of tea. At least the drinks here are on the house!

Image Courtsey: Laurel SpringsĀ 


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