Street Food at Mohammad Ali Road During Ramadan 1.0

The holy month of Ramadan has begun and Muslims all over the world fast from dawn till sunset during this month.

In Mumbai, Muslims breaking their fast and the city’s foodies head to eat mouth watering food in Mohammed Ali Road.

The streets of Mohammed Ali road offer a wide range of food items. From delicious kebabs to Yummy phirnis, you will get it all here.

It was my first outing at this place with my friends and we were amazed to see the madness. We tried our best to try out as many dishes as possible but we missed many. We are already planning our next visit to try the rest.

Here is a glimpse of the street food we tried at the Khao Gali in Mohammed Ali Road:

The Kebabs



Photo Courtesy: Marina Rocha


Photo Courtesy: Marina Rocha

Chicken Chengazi


We had this with Rumali Roti

The Dessert




This one is called Idli. Photo Courtesy: Marina Rocha


Phirni: The best dish

What is your favorite street food at Muhammed Ali road?


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